Sunday, July 24, 2011

Junque Journal/Smash Book Swap

Here is the smash book that my swap partner made for me. Love the colors that she used and the papers. I have never seen these papers in my M's. The pics show the inside cover and one of the pages she created for me. She even had a page with a piece of the bazooka bubble gum box. Love Bazooka Joe, I can chew on that stuff all day. She did a lovely job.


  1. Awesome blog...saw you on the MB and I am now a follower. Stop by and say "hi" sometimes. ~Shen

  2. Your friend did a great job on the smash book, it's very pretty!

  3. Hi there!!! Hope you're doing some fun crafting, and that everything's well -- been missing you!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, it was good to hear from you, at least!

    Take care and hurry back!