Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks For Everything

Here is a very simple card I made after visiting the rubberstamp section at ACMoore. Sorry for the poor quality in this camera. I guess its time to get a new one.

I used the rubber stamp by Nero Arts called "Thanks For Everything Greeting"
The metal charm is from the Blue Mood Beads Collection.


  1. I love these cards, they're wonderful!!! So simple, yet so elegant. Thanks for entering them in the showcase and for playing with us again! We really enjoy having you!!! And we're so glad you're enjoying it!!!

  2. Hi MSJAY, I love your cards and I want to Thank You for participating in my challenge. Amazing what we can do with so little, right?

  3. This looks elegant!! Thanks for playing over at cuteandsome!!

  4. I am so sorry I'm late getting to you and in posting the awardees for Showcase #9. Unfortunately, I got caught up along with thousands of other people in a Google Blogger server problem. I hope they have it fully resolved not.

    Please visit my blog and pick up your award. Congratulations for a job well done, and for your inspiration and encouragement. We love having you play with us, and hope you keep coming back -- okay?

    Also, your cards are just beautiful!!!